an excerpt to butty

This may sound strange right now, and somewhat selfish, but I’m glad I have you to care about. I love you to bits. I don’t know much anymore – why I’m in Le Havre, why I’m studying what I’m studying, why I’m with Zhiheng, why I left Cow, why my life feels like it’s being eaten up from the inside, why I feel so goddamn unfulfilled. But I know I love you. I feel so apathetic about life and everything and I feel like I’m missing a huge portion of passion that I used to have in my life… But I felt it, feel it, when I read your email.

Take care, butty. Give my French number a miss call or SMS me. I’ll call you back when I can.

Your Kwee

1 comment
  1. cw said:

    so sweet!

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