un peu de calme

i’m going mad listening to the debate meeting Z is having right now on the other side of the room. i’m sitting on the bed with the laptop open to an expanding word document containing my history term paper, but i can’t even concentrate on googling and selecting a good photograph of a dalang manipulating puppets behind the white cotton screen. the meeting has yoyo-ed between the number of volunteers S wants to have instead of the 4 full-time volunteers Z has planned for to the arguing over the incomprehensible system E is using for trying out the tabbing program to the  social plans A has made with some guy who owns some club for the debaters and whether the volunteers should have to pay to S relentlessly pursuing some form of confirmation that the IV t-shirt is not ugly and will look good on a girl’s body to Z’s nicely telling people to shut the fuck up and pay attention to the issue at hand…

if listening to all this to the point of absolute distraction were not enough, J has asked for one of my pillows and gone and put it on the floor and sat on it. which means its sanctity as a head pillow has been completely destroyed and it will never make its way back to my bed again, where the matching covers to the pillowcase are.

five pages into my history paper and i am still unsure of what else i should fit into the introduction.  at this rate i will end up writing a whole bundle of watered-down rubbish for the remaining pages, having covered the most pertinent bits at the very beginning. if there were not eight people on the other side of the room embattling the most trivial and irritating details of the upcoming tournament, i might actually be able to figure out this debacle before midnight.


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