fly, my pretties, fly

there is a lost fly in my room which has been hanging around forlornly near the dining table window for the last couple of days. i keep forgetting it is there so i never remember to let it out. it has been throwing itself against the glass of the window over and over tonight, buzzing urgently with impatience? desperation? confusion?

whatever it is, it has retired from trying to free itself and has come to perch quietly on andreas’s lampshade above the bed, where i am. i am skeptical about the hygiene of this new friend, but am too tired to try and chase it out now.

misery loves company, they say. at least one living creature in this room feels some measure of comfort.

  1. Eun W. said:

    strange, if you were back here I think you’d be telling me to chase it out all the time. or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. remember those series of long chases of cockroaches? haha and Ayi getting up halfway as our hero and solving everything calmly and sleepily. heh. Sure miss ya kwi. we’re gonna have a movie marathon when you get back! 😀

  2. krysoberyl said:

    yes. well. back then we had too much company in the room, which sadly isn’t the case for me anymore haha. i miss you too, my punycat. see you in less than 10 days!

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