controversy… or how to avoid it

in the last two weeks since joining CPPS, i’d been working on a policy factsheet that evaluates the first 100 days in office of our prime minister Dato’ Seri Tun Razak. i completed it yesterday and emailed it to my boss for review at the end of the day. we use skype as a means of communication between our office rooms, so this morning we adjusted the factsheet over a casual IM conversation.


need to re-word this section

“Upon assuming office, besides the challenges left over from Badawi’s administration and the economic downturn, Najib faced a lack of credibility and public faith in him due to major allegations of corruption and suspected involvement in recent scandals.”

“less severe?” i asked, somewhat amused.

it sounds a tad too controversial….


“ok” i unbolded some of the text.

gosh….that I’m saying this is a miracle!

i laughed, a little drily. neither of us share much love for the administration of this country. a few moments later, he wrote again.

“Racial polarization due to the existence of vernacular schools” could potentially be contentious…


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