work stuff

the volume of work that is piling up at CPPS is finally dawning on me. i don’t know how such a small outfit can manage such a load of events but thankfully we seem to be pulling through. up till last week, all i had on my hands was website maintenance. my list of things to do over the rest of my three weeks here have since expanded to include:

  1. ASLI’s joint publication with the European Commission (Write three brief research papers on education, security, human rights and gender issues)
  2. ASLI’s forum on “Strategic Development for Palm Oil and Biofuel” (Write summaries for each session’s topic to submit to potential sponsors)
  3. ASLI’s Asia Healthcare Conference 2009 (Finish and submit event report)
  4. UNHCR-CPPS roundtable discussion on Malaysia’s migration issues (Compile list of key role players to be invited)
  5. CPPS website maintenance (Create a new mailing list system, import mailing list data from previous system to new one)

these are not including the projects which i won’t be around long enough to help with:

  1. The Asia Foundation “National Dialogue on Islam & Democracy” public forums (three forums to be organized in three different states)
  2. The Open Budget Index (OBI) 2009 (two more sections of the research survey to be completed and submitted to the International Budget Partnership (IBP)
  3. The actual event management of the UNHCR-CPPS roundtable discussion

i’m feeling pretty daunted by the expansive area of research ASLI is stuffing down our throats. as my boss handed me the programme for ASLI’s upcoming forum on biofuel and palm oil, asking me to write up something on each session, i couldn’t help wondering why ASLI should pick on our already underfitted team’s interns. surely such a decent-sized firm can afford to delegate some of this stuff to their own interns, whom they are more able to afford in the first place. i understand the two companies have some symbiotic relationship going on, but it is one in which CPPS is apparently the underdog. i’m not sure i approve of this (actually i don’t approve of this at all) and i feel pretty indignant on CPPS’s behalf. humph. i will write more about this after my internship has ended, i.e. when i can’t be fired.

on the brighter side of things relating to work, my boss told me today that i could end my internship earlier if i wanted. originally i would have ended on the 14th and left on the same day for munich, where i will meet andreas, eugene and ankita. my boss, being the freakishly nice person he is, realised this today and told me i could take off earlier so i could relax before classes began again. this means i might be able to travel a bit more in asia before i leave! any takers wanna backpack around with me? i’m thinking indonesia/cambodia/vietnam.

on another pleasant note of things less related to work, the director of ASLI (i think she’s the director) told me today i looked very nice 🙂 hee.


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