i sent out an email a few days ago to some friends on campus, calling for interested writers to participate in an independent, underground-ish bi-weekly online magazine. i said that it wouldn’t be for academic credit but totally for fun. so far, i’m receiving really positive responses. people are asking the right questions and raising relevant concerns, and nearly all of them have expressed enthusiasm about the idea of working on this project for the love of writing alone. hope is not exactly springing eternal in my heart just yet, but it is crowhopping!

on a related note, the campus is slowly firing up on yet another debate. the administration recently announced to all association members that all clubs and associations would be awarded team project credits from the beginning of this academic year. some students feel that this is unfair for several reasons which i won’t go into here. e-mails are beginning to fly about between assos members now and i suspect another “forum” with the administration will crop up soon, which i think would be a good thing.

it frustrates me that even the simplest organisational detail like this can be a matter of concern on this campus. you would think that anybody who has graduated from high school in a reasonably established education system would be able to differentiate between a student committee, a student club and a student-initiated project. i have been told that co-curricular activity is minimal in the typical french high school, but i’m still finding it difficult to believe that it is a challenge for our administration to tell the three apart.

at this point, i’m generally in agreement with the students on this issue as i think the administration has not been firm enough on what it considers to be an association, a club or a team project. it is generating confusion, undermining genuine student initiative and diminishing the purpose of all three at one fell swoop. i think the admin has made some fairly impractical decisions in a fairly untransparent way, but this is probably one of the poorer decisions they have made yet. i’m interested to know how they will justify this.

two weeks more before my flight back to Europe and already i feel like i am back at Sciences Po. what a way to lace the stomach, haha. it feels good.


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