passing remark

i seem to be incapable of concentrating on any task unless i am in the midst of ignoring another. presently, i am in pierre chabal’s introduction to political sociology course and have just spent the last 20 minutes hunting down bill watterson’s introduction to the complete collection of calvin & hobbes so that i could reference something he said in an essay i soon need to write and submit. about 6 of those 20 minutes were distractedly and unrelatedly spent on looking for tennessee william’s introduction to a streetcar named desire, before finding it in my documents folder and greedily reveling in his words. it is nearly the end of class after a godawfully long day, but i am already feeling re-energized for what i imagine i will be filling the rest of my evening with…

it is strange that i feel perpetually lost, as though i am a shadow of a more conscious self, until i find myself enjoying a piece of work i love. so cheesy to be saying this, but i think i’ve only just realised the surprisingly neglected truth that i don’t feel truly alive when i am without passion in my life.


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