my new french prof looks like this

The Grand High Witch

The Grand High Witch

tall, skinny and beautiful. fully decked out in black, perpetually smiling and treats everyone as though they are children. probably not more than 30 years old.

i wonder if the resemblance should be of any warning.

  1. Priyanka said:

    Hahha! The comparison is perfect!

  2. &c said:

    too too terrifyingly true
    I don’t know which is scarier:
    that she might be genuine
    or that there is something deeply, disturbingly evil hidden in there

  3. krysoberyl said:

    maybe we should try and pull her face off and find out, haha. though i guess that would be against her many règles.

  4. grace said:

    my spanish prof looks the opposite of your first three adjectives, but also treats everyone like they are children. she also wrote a super long warning on my last paper about not penalizing me this time around but will take points off the next time it happens again – over a little coffee spill on the paper. apparently that infringes my mastering of the language?

  5. Ankita Sethia said:

    scary scary.
    does she have a blue tongue and a metallic voice?

  6. Zuheir said:

    she has a sickeningly sweet voice. reminiscent of umbridge haha.

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