mon weekend en rosé

just got back from a wonderful weekend in paris. a bunch of us were given permission to skip classes on friday and attend Asia Day at the paris campus, so zu and i took advantage of the trip to stay for the rest of the weekend.  on friday night, i stayed with zu at his friend abhijit’s place in the 14th arrondissement, which was coincidentally near chez papa (my favorite restaurant in paris) and also the hostel FIAP jean monnet where i stayed the next night with another friend. the same friend was passing through paris and i was supposed to meet up with him to show him around, so over the weekend we gave him a decently cheap and thorough tour of the city by metro. within 36 hours,  we went to notre dame, the hôtel de ville, centre georges pompidou, the louvre pyramid, champs élysées, l’arc du triomph, the eiffel tower, montmartre, sacré coeur and jardin du luxembourg. not bad, i’d say!

it was such a joy to get out of le havre and wander around paris. my body may be back in drippy haute-normandie but my heart is still with the filthy streets, the goldish colour of parisian buildings under the sunset, the street musicians, the paris metro and the many unexpected glimpses of the eiffel tower from all over the city. the thought of spending 2 years there for my masters makes me euphorically happy. this afternoon we bought a bottle of champagne rosé from a fair at montmartre, picked up some glasses from abhijit’s and went to the jardin du luxembourg for a drink. we sat down near a bench and spent a good hour there, chatting and laughing, sipping from our makeshift champagne glasses. a lady jogging past us smiled at our simple luxury and gave us a thumbs up. two nights before, we sat at this bar directly opposite the fontaine st. michel, drinking beer at €6.50 a bottle. we felt extremely poor afterward and somewhat snubbed by our haughty bartender, but the view of the fontaine and the numerous tourists bustling through the streets even at midnight made us feel all-knowing, glamorous, parisian.

you could be poor as a church mouse in paris and still feel like an emperor for all the sensory luxury you soak up from the city. perhaps that is the charm of the city for me: that students with shallow pockets can boast of pee-ing at notre dame when drunk, sit watching the eiffel tower sparkling at night when tired, drink amazing champagne rosé on a bench in a garden when waiting to pass the afternoon.

edit oct 14: realised i did take a few pictures after all!

Paris Metro

Denfert Rochereau: the Metro station we frequented the most

Inverse Louvre pyramid indoors

Inverse Louvre pyramid indoors

The marginally cooler inverse pyramid. And my two travel buddies!

The marginally cooler inverse pyramid. And my two travel buddies!

Champs Élysées: view from below a traffic light

Champs Élysées: The view from below a traffic light

The view from Trocadéro, where we sat in exhaustion after the day

Tour d'Eiffel and its throng of gaping admirers: view from Trocadéro, where we sat in exhaustion after the day

The wonderful end to my wonderful weekend sojourn :)

Champagne rosé: the wonderful end to my wonderful weekend sojourn 🙂

  1. Grace said:

    next time we’re back in malaysia, let’s try out the champagne on garden bench stint 😉

  2. krysoberyl said:

    haha in msia the real luxury would be more along the lines of coconut juice in a hammock by the beach, na?

  3. Ankita Sethia said:

    love it babe, good that you’re having fun, can’t wait for fridayyyy =D

  4. Zuheir said:

    I think the Apple pyramid photo is the coolest 😀 geek power \m/

    (new blog post up later today hopefully 🙂 )

  5. grace said:

    woo i missed the pictures the first time around. the throng of admirers reveling at the eiffel can spell so many allegories, wow. and i like that you got real glasses..

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