busy day

been walking on a pretty narrow plank of time and money lately. i have a presentation i should be preparing for as a discussant on wednesday but i haven’t even begun with research yet because i’ve been bogged down with every other possible thing between more administrative bullshit and random associations stuff. with our usual 4-hour long economics lecture out of the way this week i thought i would have a nice long monday afternoon to catch up on my growing backlog of classes and work, but i ended up running around like a headless chicken anyway, darting between the campus building, france telecom, the post office, home and the student residence agency (CROUS). when i finally did have time to settle down at the campus, i was only able to catch up on BDA stuff during my library working hours, because after that i had debate training and the customary dinner with the boys.

since dinner ended, i’ve been working on model ASEM, the team project we’re obliged to work on for our 1st undergraduate year at Sciences Po, for 4 hours now. this makes me sound like i’m quite earnestly toiling over the darn thing, but the truth is that i’ve been very shamefully neglecting the entire project in the grand scheme of campus life from the very beginning. now i’m meekly compensating.

on the bright side of all this aggregate organisation hullabaloo, the BDA is really perking up now. i suspect (very, very joyfully) that we are in the good books of the administration. this tells me that perhaps my efforts are in the vein of doing the right thing after all and it doesn’t matter if it’s not really what i wanted in the first place.

tried to pay my rent today only to realise i didn’t have enough money left in my current account. at first i thought it couldn’t be possible because i’d only just transferred a huge amount of money into it the week before. three consecutive trips to paris, london and geneva, not to mention my trip to barcelona next month, is burning glaringly obvious holes in my bank account statement. if not for the fact that my first scholarship installment will be banked in at the end of the month, i would be flatly broke before this weekend. though i suppose at least with CROUS’s new money-grubbing policy, i wouldn’t have to worry about being homeless until december, since i’m now being forced to pay months and months in advance.

i did want to write about london and the SOAS IV, but today’s nonstop rush of activity has made the experience seem relatively mild in comparison. anyway, there was no real point to this post. i’m just marveling at how uncharacteristically productive i’ve been lately. the enjoyment is double-edged.

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  1. Maude said:

    Krystle, I found out about your blog when I saw your post on Abhijit’s wall.. I’ve read some of your articles and I just wanted to tell you that’s it’s a pleasure to read them. Even when you write about the simplest things, I just like the way you write. Also, you describe feelings so well that sometimes I recognize myself in what you say but sometimes I felt strange because I had the impression that I was spying on you … Anyway, I hope you’re doing fine overall. I know it’s not always easy being in Le Havre and away from the people you love. I wish you bon courage. I often think about you.

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