a few words on the past 3 weeks

i’ve been traveling a lot lately, although it is hardly the best time to do so. in the last 3 weeks, i’ve visited 6 cities, learned a ton of new things and demographically expanded my circle of friends by another 3 or 4 nationalities. 3 weeks ago, i spent the weekend in Paris after Asia Day. the weekend after, i was in London for the SOAS IV. and finally, last night, i just got back from switzerland after spending friday to wednesday there for the EUforIA Youth Summit.

the downside of my programme chargé, as my french professor M. Loret puts it, is that i’m accumulating a dangerously big pile of absences and risking the mess-up of an already academically difficult year. as it is, i’ve missed 3 fridays in a row and the first 3 days of this week. by the end of next month, after Model ASEM and ASEFUAN Dialogues, i will have missed another 8 days of classes. despite the dean of studies’ support and permission thus far, i suspect delphine’s generosity in excusing my absences will discontinue where next semester is concerned. but at any rate, i guess i will have to relegate myself to campus nunliness next semester if i want to finish my final year in le havre on a good note academically and, of course, financially. haha.

on top of needing to catch up on classes missed and other associations-related tasks, the mid-terms are quickly approaching and my first exam takes place this saturday afternoon. if you really want to know how i feel about it, i am not at all prepared for writing a 3-hour long essay in french on les institutions politiques. it would be my first exam in french on a subject apart from the language, so i have no idea what to expect. i am worried and yet i am refusing to panic about it. a more reasonable person would have had olivier duhamel’s book three meals a day for a week by now and be busy snacking on nifty connecteurs logiques in between, but here i am blogging instead and vaguely wondering if i should skip tonight’s debate training or not.

i’ve been wanting to write about munich and london but just haven’t made time for it. i now also mean to write about switzerland and the youth forum i attended, but i don’t think lengthy posts are viable for the time being. sigh. i have so much i want to say, but perhaps i’ll just do a quick and bulleted overview of each.

on hindsight, campus life would be significantly less stressful if i didn’t jump at every opportunity i get to travel. but i am in europe and europe i want to see.

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  1. Ankita Sethia said:

    Hahaha you loser, I still have no idea how your Switzerland trip went. Tell me everything.
    Also, coming to LH from the 26th-29th, I hear you’re not gnna be there??? =(

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