while googling for immigration nightmare stories…

Is a letter of good conduct something my husband and I could consider? My husband and I have had so many problems with our immigration process, but to make a very long story short, we have been working on this for almost 2 years now and I lived in Egypt with my husband for nearly 2 years and recently returned to US due to financial strain and other issues to wait the rest of the process out. We are now at the end I hope and NVC has been requesting documents from us just prior to the interview being set up. We had filed I-130. The documents they have been requesting we were told previously were documents they would need at the interview but I guess they must now ask for everything before setting it up. Anyway the last packet we got was asking for ANOTHER certified copy of my husbands birth certificate, ANOTHER certified copy of our marriage certificate (which by the way is from another country and very difficult to get) I have now sent them my only remaining certified copy, and a police certificate from Egypt as this is where my husband is living. We thought everything was done and was expecting the only thing to come now before the interview would be for the medical exam, but now they have sent us another request asking for a police record from my husband’s country of citizenship which is Syria. Is there any way to have this requirement waived? Is there anyway to obtain this without going through the ministry of Syria? The problem is that my husband has not done his military service in Syria and I am sure they will not give this to him without repercussions due to not doing his military service. He could be in danger by the Syrian authorities for this. The other problem associated with this is that my husband and I married 2 years ago without the permission of the Syrian government. We were both living in Egypt and could not marry without permission from the Syrian government and me being a US citizen did not require permission, however, the Syrian government would not give permission for my husband to marry me without obtaining a religion certificate which I was not able to obtain, therefore we left Egypt and married in a foreign country and then returned to Egypt and proceeded with our immigration process. Any information you can give me would be helpful as I fear that we are stuck now and will have to consider dissolving our marriage as we cannot live apart for the rest of our lives which is insane since we are a legally married husband and wife that have lived together for nearly 2 years already.

a reply to the thread Sample Letter of Good Conduct on a website about immigration.

talk about being dans la merde. on the bright side, at least they’re trying to stay  together.


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