and it happens again

first, the head of a severed cow. today, the ashes of a church.

before, over the building of a hindu temple. now, against the use of the word “Allah” by non-muslims.

and for the most ridiculous reason as usual.

11 pages into my 20 page-long paper on politics and societies on southeast asia, i was beginning to feel sorry about the number of quotes i’ve read off the books of dead british men calling them intellectually deficient, lazy, shiftless, inferior and a myriad of other equally debasing stereotypes. i am upset and in a state of disbelief. it doesn’t look like more decades, dumped citizenships and international criticism are helping them grow up any faster in this day and age. no sense can get through to those who prefer to imagine they still live in a fucking jungle.

11 pages into my 20 page-long paper, and i no longer buy all that bullshit about how malaysian ethnic tension takes root in colonial british ethnic typology and 19th century darwinism in european society.

these things are being carried out in the 21st century, in a completely unrelated spirit of malevolence, from an independent source of evil and with no bigger passion in mind than to destroy.


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