ça y est

my final semester at Le Havre begins tomorrow at 8 in the morning. i will have 3 major classes in french as compared to 1 last semester, which i’m quite sure i failed horribly. i think i should resolve to keeping a strict quota of ridiculous stunts this semester. such as not missing up to a month’s worth of classes, publishing damning articles, losing my passport and all sorts of ID, and skipping all workshop sessions only to turn up on the morning of the exam.

it has been a little like those careless highschool days. only this time with the new and hazy glamour of cheap travel, infamy, heartbreak and temporary illegality. 4 months before this chapter closes. 6 months before i pack up for the 2nd time and move into a new world. 1.5 years before i will find myself back in Paris. 3 years before i graduate with a Masters degree. if so much has already happened within the last 3 months, what more my whole 2 years in LH, i’m not sure i’m ready to keep my foot this firmly pressed to the pedal in this heady race of living-it-up.

yes, i think the impending end of my LH séjour begs for some sobriety and damage control.


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