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Winter Color #1 (

a close fashionista friend recently introduced to me a couple of popular fashion bloggers hailing from Paris and New York, une femme française and an american guy who crossed career paths at some point and coincidentally ended up dating. i’ve never been one for hyperbolic dressing – how much can yours petite truly relate to those leggy beauties, hein? – but the photography is beautiful and the eyecandy definitely worth a look.

in other news: my summer internship at the business magazine is confirmed at last and Butty has been nominated to be Ms. Nottingham. the minor drama blowout between the friends has subsided and i ended up really enjoying the later half of the week. wore my voice out cheering for our little hostile-karaoke-takeover groupie during an innocent CNY party (we dominated 21 songs), my nights over looong beer-fuzzy chitchat, and the rest of my muscles at my first rugby training.

coming up: holidays are looming and i’m feeling a rebellious urge to test those invisible EU border controls and sneak into Germany through Strasbourg,  passport or no passport. tell you how it goes when i go!

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