négligeabilité (nf)

just realised for the first time that the left navigation bar of Al Jazeera‘s homepage actually lumps South Asia with Central Asia – with South abbreviated to an ignonimious S. couldn’t help thinking what a pisser it must be for those from either region to have to share one measly news section. you would think that the expansive demographic of more than 1.2 billion people deserve a wee bit more titular dignity on a news page. as it is, the notion of Asia seems to be quite unfairly hegemonized by North East Asia and that little red dot. should this fallaciousness really be encouraged? the convergence of Central/S. Asia – two completely unique regions – into such a singular category of interest strikes me as a very blunt red cherry topping off an already existing, unconsciously tactless and sadly popular observance of the regions’ négligeabilité.

my first thought was to label the plight as “ignominy”, but apparently the word doesn’t mean what i thought it should. my second thought was to say “negligibility”, but then i realised i was manglais-ing the french verb for neglect. at any rate, the word i’m looking for doesn’t exist in either language, but i think it should. and in my dictionary it would be listed as: the quality of being easily overlooked; being a wallflower; “the ~ of particular populations are publicly presented on certain international news websites”.

that said, i suppose at least Central Asia gets a mention. the BBC seems to have tactfully left it out and subtly merged “all other news” underAsia Pacific. clever.


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