Fachwerkhäuser, flags and fashion from Strasbourg

am generally not a big photographer despite owning a hefty Canon G9, but this was to prove to the German next door my 6 hours’ of wandering throughout the city.

Outside the main Council building

i know i usually hate walking, Andreas, but even i couldn’t resist such gorgeous weather.

The European Council

or at least, the back of it. haha. and that’s the main street to its left leading straight on into the centre ville.

The European Parliament

didn’t go in, but as H said: it’s pretty impressive even from the outside.

The European Court of Human Rights

thought it was hideous, hideous, hideous and a bit of a bad joke. not sure who would ever fancy battling out a human rights lawsuit in such a spaceship.

Crossroads of the canals

a popular jogging track for the seemingly unemployed (you see them throughout the entire working day) and lunch area for the politicians and policy-makers.

an Alsatian stork and its nest

H wasn’t kidding when she said this was the symbol of Alsace – the trees and their storks are as frequent as lamp-posts.

Place Kleber

or at least, i believe this is Place Kleber. there were two main squares in the city.


the typical design of a Strasbourg building: little windows sticking out of its roof with broad wooden stripes across its front.

A rare English ad, but the kind only France would have

spotted at a tram stop somewhere in the middle of town. haha.

The most brilliant ad in the name of fashion I've ever seen

and this last one’s for you, fashionista. may you never shrug.


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