in the ‘dam

am sitting at Bram’s 10-foot-long wooden dining table right now, catching a few moments of words and privacy while the others wash and pack up. Bram’s place is fantastic and all of us can scarcely believe our luck in scoring such a great find. Couchsurfing may not have pulled through at the last moment, but my beloved ASEFUAN network definitely has. we are a leisurely 20 minutes’ walk from the heart of Amsterdam, nuzzling a quiet corner off a crossroads flanking one of the city’s many gorgeous canals. the entire apartment is large enough for a jolly urban family, but houses instead only two young professionals whose taste for interior design is impeccable… though, between the five of us, we’ve  managed to make quite an exception of the living room.

it is past 12, but the majority of us have only just gotten up, having bar-hopped till late for 2 nights in a row. it is rainy and looking rather bleak outside, but even this does not seem to dampen the spirit and energy of the city. yesterday, at this time and roughly the same weather, we still joined hundreds of tourists and city-dwellers in thronging the streets. in the Amsterdam drizzle, we still queue for the Rijksmuseum, roam the streets of Chinatown in search for Indonesian food and weave in and out of coffeeshops, shisha lounges and cyber goth bars. even with our hair damp and our stomachs challenged (from an assortment of strange edibles we’ve been guzzling), we still stroll by the garish red alleys and glittering canals in the middle of the night, appraising bars for being too boring or too commercial, all of us being picky because we can afford to be in this city of endless options, in search for something fun, new and exciting.

have i ever mentioned to anyone that Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world?

breakfast now. more later.


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