postcard conversation #4: being big sister to the angsty adolescent

— are you there.

— meowmeow. whats up?

— I actually wrote on the TVtropes forum how libertarians suck ass.

— … should i start changing my last name?

— I got nearly 100% approval. I called them a bunch of whiny, bitching crybabies who seem to think there are only two forms of government – none at all, or 1984-style totaliaranism.

— show me.

— Last post auto link. Go to first page.

— (after reading) you don’t actually say a lot.

— It was just my general feeling.

— you just bitched about a bunch of bitchers.

— I don’t know about you, but most people that claim they are against big government generally end up being hypocrites.

— you need to be able to substantiate your very wild-eyed rants, because right now you just sound a bit Bible thumping.

— Wait, you mean you don’t know why I am ranting against them?

— you’re hating, but you’re not exactly convincing. i don’t actually see where the libertarian bit comes in.

— OK I shall try. I actually found a site that explained perfectly everything wrong with libertarianism. Granted it can be considered preaching to the choir, but it seems very sound to me.

— you need to read more than just forums and websites, my friend.

— You want real examples? Just pick any random Republican politician.

— i’m not doubting your opinion. i just think you can handle this a bit more intelligently, rather than ranting on TVtropes.

— Actually I feel like expanding this into the bigger picture. I think ideologies are fundamentally flawed. It seems to me like this: you want to build a house. Group A wants to use reinforced concrete. Group B wants to use hay. A modern house is obviously better built by concrete, but group B refuses to believe that and will continue sticking to using hay.

— (big sister is discussing a friend’s CV and neglects to reply for 6 minutes)

— I am willing to change that if I am pointed out something is wrong with the anology.

— which ideology are you applying this analogy to? you’re not making any connections.

— I’m tempted to say libertarianism is the one that wants to build the house with hay.

— my friend says you need a girlfriend.


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