il reste qu’un mois

slept three hours last night and am thus not only bored out of my mind by this redundant history class, but am dying for sleep. the professor is as disorganized as ever (today he has forgotten our repartition de travaux) and from where i am at the back of the class, i can see that everybody but ceux qui ont leurs exposés aujourd’hui has their laptops popped open and their browsers lamely tuned in to youtube and facebook. i’ve been up since too early this morning, like all other monday mornings, because i had that godforsaken class on the EU. edouard and i had a debate on which we were supposed to present the EU as a carcan normatif – ou pas – but because we’ve already done previous debates and gotten decent grades for them neither of us can be arsed to make a real deal out of this one. instead we gave the class a little charade and i gave my french oral skills a wry and witty workout. l’UE – est-elle un carcan normatif? écoutes-moi bien: on s’en fous.

later i will head to the beach to toss my signed papers into the english channel. the sky is clouded over and hints of that miserable drippy haute-normandie weather, but the sun is burning through the gray mists so strongly that the ground glows. it is passable weather. yesterday’s was better. high beams of sunlight toasted up my linoleum floor and made the room smell of food, clean bedsheets and summer. it is only mid-april but already the sun sets so late in the day that my sleeping hours have gone from little to less and all my nightly activities are quite retardés. these nights i have sold my soul to neil gaiman, whose sandman ironically steals my sleeping hours. i have gone on hiatus on miller, only taking choice slices of his lucid rants like a delicacy. he is now that rare, small brick of foie gras with my salade chaude.

i don’t much care for university anymore, or at least, for le havre and this campus. only one month left, everyone is saying. one month and we’re all out of here, i told edouard last night. how quickly time flies when you least pay attention, and how slowly it crawls when you are expecting something good.


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