NB spring holiday

i don’t feel like being coherent right now. i’ve so much to tell, so many images and emotions to sift through, and so little concentration with which to do so. if home is where the heart is, then i’m definitely not home yet. i’m still floating somewhere on the trajet between berlin, dresden and prague. berlin was awesome, the IV was fun, prague was beautiful and i had a series of mini-revelations which made my entire holiday the best ever. i love europe, but during this trip i kept sensing a looming, long-term affair with germany. something tells me i will be back. berlin was large, booming and masculine, a tough belly of excellent food, beer and party animals. i only caught a glimpse of dresden through the window of my shared ride to prague, but the river shimmered with a million golden flecks and the entire city was alive with young, beautiful people. through the blur of my sleepiness and awe, i thought this was what paradise must look like. prague was so many things that i am loathe to try and verbalize how i feel about it right now. it was of kafka, kundera, mucha, german concentration camps, jewish synagogues, bohemian kingdoms, colourful crystal jewellery, russian dolls, bridges, street hotdogs, czech beer and massive amounts of shopping…

the best part about all this is that all of it was so spontaneous. my plans kept bordering on cancellation thanks to iceland’s volcanic ashes and pan-european paranoia, but everything worked out beautifully in the end. the right flights were kept open, the right ones cancelled, and i met all the right people…

maybe i’ll cheat and write a poem or try my hand at stream-of-consciousness on it all later. right now, i have a 2000 word essay to begin which is due tomorrow and a fucking quiz on the EU at 8 in the morning. oh the toils of reality…

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  1. Grace said:

    krystle, this post feels so magical. it almost makes me want to break free, leave everything, and do just all of this.

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