The Billion Ringgit Club Corporate Awards Gala Night 2010

so while last summer was mostly about the public sector, research and NGO work, this summer’s work experience has pretty much been all about the private sector, reporting and all varieties of corporate glam. i’ve been back a month now and have been working at the FD for the last three weeks. the internship is cool. steep learning curve in the beginning with regards to finance and investment, but the working environment is really nice. people are friendly and helpful, and the editors i report to are unexpectedly modest and very level-headed. j’aime. j’aime bien. besides the actual reporting work i’m doing, i’m learning more and more each day about various industries, their related issues, how corporate structures and investment works. i’m enjoying the latter more than i expected to, the former less than i thought i would. still, i have about a month to go before my internship contract ends, so much could change.

beyond that, i have been giving significantly more thought to the last few years of my life and the years soon to come, having been asked the same set of questions by strangers practically on a daily basis. it usually begins with mingling during an assignment at some press conference or another, and it goes from people asking which paper i’m from to why did i choose to study in france and what am i thinking of doing later as a career. my responses are by now so strandardised that i am drily wondering if a FAQ function can be installed into my voicebox. it must be said though that i sometimes lose track of the truth nearing the end of such a line of inquiry. the further we delve into my future, the more varied my responses become…

ben, the weather is stifling and i really just wanted to share the photo. the rest of life in general has been good. write later if and when i’m feeling like it.


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