lessons from the newsroom

  • read the news mercilessly and without discrimination: your paper, rival papers, online portals, tweets, newswires; today’s news, yesterday’s news, last year’s news, everything.
  • befriend everybody: CEO’s, PR people, corporate communication dudes, directors, accountants, analysts, photographers, other journalists… and don’t be shy to deploy those wily feminine charms.
  • keep and file all those business cards and phone numbers somewhere; memorise those names;
  • assume every contact you pick up is a VIP lest you end up realising too late you should have called him/her “Datuk” or “Tan Sri” and reveal your n00by newbieness.
  • read the local bourse archives and announcements; doing a little math on old numbers can create new facts.
  • ask a zillion questions; it doesn’t matter how stupid you look.

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