summer in a quick one

am fearfully sleepy but felt the urge to write a quick one on what’s been going on lately before it becomes too much. the internship ended extremely well (with the promise of a future job offer) and helped me re-evaluate journalism positively as a possible career choice, though probably not in malaysia. the two weeks A and i spent in japan was a mix of high culture and degenerate modern life. we traipsed southward of tokyo, where we spent a week for the 2010 ASEFUAN AGM at keio university, to kyoto, nara, himeji, hiroshima and hakata. the trip was especially rewarding where cuisine was concerned – A and i managed to cover just about everything in the lonely planet except for de-poisoned puffer fish. A came over to malaysia for about a week, getting to know KL, melaka, the family and friends. i was pleasantly surprised at how well the family got along with him, particularly in the case of dude, who has never gotten beyond a supercilious nod and “hi” with most strangers. was then in beijing for a couple of weeks, crashing at A and E’s apartment at 苏州街. getting to know beijing was also getting to know a part of my heritage that i have been neglecting for the most part of my life. the city is sprawling, foggy with pollution but electric with the energy of its population. i loved the sights in china more than in any other asian country that i’ve ever been to and i was loathe to leave before getting to savour everything. as with berlin, i have a strong feeling that i will head back someday. am finally now in UCSD, more or less settled into my international house apartment and still getting to know the flatmates (two americans, and sofie the swede). will write more on the city and campus later, but so far, life on the west coast is pretty damn awesome.

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  1. Grace said:

    this sounds like a perfect little summary. and pretty damn awesome is pretty damn right. feels like it’s my turn to do my quick one as well! miss you already, was so good to see you =)

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