âllo, au revoir

have been meaning to write, but i left my diary in chicago and have been without home access to the internet for the last 3 weeks. and before all that i was in too much of a flurry moving from one place to another to really have time to sit down for a moment to myself.

today is my last day in paris until late august. i’m sitting in the hallowed halls of sciences po paris proper, leeching off the internet and waiting around homeless for another couple of hours before i head off to london. it has taken 3 years to get to the paris campus and in a month or so i will see if life in paris as a scpo student truly lives up to its hype. so far, it is promising. a year of being away from europe has not exaggerated my memory of france one bit. i’m still in love with the country, in agony with its banks. sciences po, on the other hand, has been exceeding expectations. life appears to be a lot more gratifying when one is at the mothercampus and is a graduate student. the level of professionalism i have been experiencing is a really nice surprise.

A left early this morning, puffy-eyed and with a large tuft of hair waving gently as though caught in a perpetual airlift. we padded about our summer apartment for the last time in our pyjamas and got his things together, collected remaining pieces of trash and wiped the table tops clean. while packing he stepped into the melted ice on the floor that was leaking out from our defrosted fridge and left a small trail of muddy puddles around the kitchen but i just felt too sad to protest. he left gently, going down the spiraling stairs quietly and with a soft farewell. i waited at the window to see him come out onto the street. we waved goodbye three times. we will see each other again in 7 days. this time in oxford.

for the rest of the day i cleaned up the apartment and waited nervously for the landlady to come. i must have looked out onto the street a thousand times, scanning the sidewalks for a stern, bespectacled lady striding purposefully towards 3 rue augereau but i still managed to miss her. she interrupted my reading with the doorbell exactly the way i had imagined all day that she would. some 5 minutes later, i was out on the streets with all my bags and trundled slowly to the metro.

i will be moving about like this for a while. since leaving UCSD, i’ve been to jon’s place, to chicago, to munich and then paris, each time with anywhere between 20 – 70kg of things. more places next will be london, oxford, bristol, amsterdam (yes!), ötze before i come back to paris and restart my life. i am tired and broke but it has all been worth it.

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