lately, my dream job has been this. if you’ve picked up the stieg larsson trilogy, you’ll probably be familiar with mendelsund’s work – his cover for the girl who played with fire is one of the most conceptually brilliant things i’ve ever seen in cover design. the guy never had formal training in graphic design or illustration, but got a job at knopf after less than a year of fiddling around in the industry. there is hope for me yet!

my latest stint has been in layout art. i started doing the Silk Roads e-zine for the ASEFUAN network last summer, for which i’m using a template out of Pages. it’s pretty amateurish, but a small step up from the Word-generated PDF documents we used to have.

but i’m proudest of my work so far for the Paris Globalist, a student-run international affairs magazine. it is the first layout i’ve done entirely from scratch with no template and also my first time using Adobe InDesign. the software turned out surprisingly easy to use and i’m amazed at how i didn’t start using it earlier for the e-zine.

here are some sneak-peeks at the Silk Roads ezine and the Paris Globalist (cover art is by Edda Mac). the latter will be available in print soon.

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