I’m a cartoonist who went to a politics school. Sounds like a funny decision, but I console myself that even Bill Watterson began that way. 


Grand Mal is a collaborative work with writer Jane Hawley. It was the only graphic work published in Memoir Journal’s Invisible Memoirs Volume 2 anthology (2013) and was recently published again in Pinch Journal (2014)Grand Mal is a sad and surreal account of the writer watching her mom fall into an epileptic fit for the first time.

"I wonder what she can see"

“I wonder what she can see”

In my spare time I like to journal my travels and dreams, working with whatever materials I have at hand. Don’t ask me why, but I get pretty weird dreams. Here’s an example of a crazy dream I had in the summer of 2012:

bees dream


Assorted Works

Here is a gallery of more of my work:


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